Greek authorities were on high alert this week in the general vicinity of the Opap Arena football stadium in the northwest Athens district of Nea Philadelphia, where the Europa UEFA Conference League final between Olympiacos FC and Fiorentina will be played on Wednesday evening.

Authorities and UEFA security official reportedly scoured the venue and the surrounding area, including patrols by bomb-sniffing K-9 units.

A security perimeter was also set up around the venue, allowing only people with permits to enter. This measure extends to the neighborhood’s residents in the specific part of the Nea Philadelphia municipality.

According to reports in the Greek capital, some 120 civil defense volunteers will be assigned to the stadium, along with a special unit of firefighters on standby at every gate and in the stands. The latter is a precaution to quickly extinguish flares and fireworks – although the latter items are strictly forbidden.

Both drone surveillance and anti-drone systems will be fielded. Other media reports in Athens cite the arrival and fielding of Italian police officers familiar with football-related security and anti-hooligan operations.

Finally, one will be allowed on buses and on the electric trains taking fans to and from the stadium without a valid game ticket and identification card.

Organizers have also warned fans to avoid ticket scams, as each one features a security barcode that cannot be forged.