A study by Greece-moments.com, the largest German travel website focusing exclusively on Greek destinations, ranks Andros, in the Cyclades chain in the central Aegean, at the top of the list of recommended islands for vacations with thematic experiences and without crowds.

The feature describes Andros as a welcoming, picturesque and diverse island. Its capital, Chora, is among the most beautiful in the Cyclades, with unique architecture that makes it appear like a fairy tale emerging from the deep blue sea.

Visitors are inspired by numerous organized hiking trails and can choose from the island‘s wonderful sandy beaches for an exotic swim. Known as the island of sailors and captains, Andros also offers a rich gastronomic experience.

The municipality of Andros provided extensive information about the island’s offerings to the popular German media outlet with local authorities emphasizing atheir goal is to present Andros as a lush, authentic oasis just two hours from the mainland port of Rafina, offering diverse, high-quality, and affordable experiences.

Reflecting this effort, Andros’ ability to attract visitors in the off-season is noteworthy. The Greek statistical authority’s data shows a 3.8% overall increase in the turnover of food service and hospitality businesses in the first quarter of 2024, compared to 2023.