The Daily Telegraph ranks Naxos among Greece’s top 5 ideal family destinations. The international publication describes the largest island in the Cyclades as “a tranquil alternative compared to the overly touristy islands surrounding it.”

In the same vein, Naxos takes the lead among Greek islands in a list of the world’s top 10 places announced by Spanish Business Insider. The island’s blend of nature, mythology, gastronomy, and activities sets it apart from other destinations, making it a standout choice for travelers.

In addition to being featured in England, and Spain, the Austrian newspaper Kurier dubs Naxos as a “treasure that fortunately still appears unexplored” and invites walkers to discover its paths, enjoy the local cuisine, and wander through Cycladic and medieval alleys.

During the past summer, Naxos welcomed a significant number of Austrian professionals and journalists, backed by the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades, as well as the travel organization Springer Reisen.

2023 came to a close with record-breaking visitor numbers on the island, setting an optimistic tone for the upcoming season. The narrative for the future extends across diverse markets, prioritizing authenticity.

Highlighted is the municipality’s initiative to host a three-day festival of original carnival events from March 15 to 17. Bursting with colors, musical traditions, and revivals of Dionysian customs, this event marks the initial invitation to both residents and travelers as they anticipate the arrival of the new season.