Greece ranked as the third most popular destination for European travelers in the 2024 summer season, as 5% responded they preferred it for their holidays, according to the 18th report of the European Travel Commission (ETC), “Monitoring Sentiment for Intra-European Travel.”

Italy and Spain are tied as the top destinations, each attracting 8% of travelers, followed by France at 7%, Greece, and Germany at 5%. In comparison, 75% of Europeans plan to travel between May and October 2024, with interest in leisure travel rising 5% compared to last year.

The most popular trip length is four to six nights, favored by 36% of respondents. This is followed by seven to nine nights (26%) and more than ten nights (21%). Travel budgets have stayed consistent compared to a year ago, with 42% of respondents planning to spend up to €1000 per person on their next trip, covering both accommodation and transportation costs.

Older age groups are especially eager to travel, while younger travelers are more likely to book in advance. The report revealed that safety, pleasant weather and good value for money were the top factors Europeans considered for choosing a destination.

According to the European Travel Commission’s (ETC) report, intention to travel between May and October 2024 among surveyed Europeans reached 75%, marking a significant 3% increase compared to the same period last year.

37% of respondents intend to embark on a single trip, and 57% are gearing up for two or more getaways during this period. Destinations in Southern Europe are preferred by 43% of travelers, with Italy and Spain topping the list.

Amidst geopolitical tensions, extreme climate events and economic uncertainties, prioritizing safety has become paramount in shaping travelers’ decisions. Feeling safe is the number one criterion when selecting a destination (16%), followed by pleasant weather (13%), bargains and attractive deals (11%), friendly local communities (9%), and lower cost of living at the destination (8%).

Despite the strong desire to travel, 22% of Europeans are worried about escalating travel expenses, and 17% are concerned about personal finances amid the current economic climate. Additionally, geopolitical tensions, such as the conflict in Ukraine and unrest in the Middle East, are adding to anxieties, with 12% and 10% respectively expressing unease. Disruptions in transport options (10%), overcrowding (9%), and extreme weather events (8%) are other important sources of concern.

A significant proportion of European travelers are gearing up for intra-regional trips during May-June (34%) and July-August (44%). Additionally, 17% are planning on traveling in September and October. Leisure travel is on the rise, with 74% expressing a desire to indulge – a 5% jump on last year.