The union of Greek Tour Guides has declared a strike on Thursday, July 11, starting from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. the same day.

The tour guide union is protesting what it calls the “degrading of the profession” by the adoption of a series of proposals included in a draft bill tabled by the government.

Among other things, the tour guides demand an upgrading of state-run tour guide schools; a reduction of the annual number of bi-monthly intensive seminars and the repeal of the provision for lifelong learning centers to hold these seminars.

The union, in its statement, claims the proposed definition of the term “tour guide” included in the draft bill to only those professionals working in enclosed and confined spaces is counter-productive, charging that the culture and history of Greece cannot be “restricted”.

Local tour guides stress in their announcement that professionals in the sector are on edge, as the bill fails to guarantee the provision of high-quality services and the future of the profession.

“[Tour] Guiding without proper education, culture, experience, and safeguarding of the concept and profession is inconceivable. Therefore, we strongly oppose the degradation of our profession and its replacement by unsuitable services,” the statement reads.