In 2024, Greek tourism is set to reach, or even surpass, last year’s impressive performance, according to data from airlines and relevant surveys carried out by tourist organizations across Europe.

The data shows major source countries of foreign travelers, including Germany, Italy, and the UK will continue to be the key players in foreign arrivals in the country in February.

According to Fraport Greece, the 14 regional airports it manages in Greece posted notable increases in arrivals, with those in Thessaloniki, Chania, and Rhodes recording the highest performances in absolute numbers.

International traffic showed a greater percentage increase at 11.1% compared to the same period in 2023, while domestic traffic recorded a rise of 10.3%, always about the January-February period.

Regarding the travelers’ origin countries, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands comprised the top five who picked Greece.

Travel from Germany increased by 9.5% to reach 4.764 million tourists, while that from France increased by 4.2% to 1.831 million travelers. As for non-EU countries, travel from the United Kingdom increased by 2.4% to 4.592 million travelers, and travel from the United States increased by 29.2% to 1.406 million travelers. In contrast, travel from Russia decreased by 1% (35.7 thousand travelers).

Both inbound traveler flows and tourist revenues posted double-digit growth in 2023, providing a solid springboard for a continuing positive trend in 2024.

According to data from the Bank of Greece (BoG), a total of 32,735,200 foreign travelers visited Greece last year, propelling tourism revenues to 20.46 billion euros.