The French newspaper Le Figaro has spotlighted Lipsi, the main island in a chain of some 30 other isles, in its new list of Greece’s “secret” islands that stand out in 2024, dubbing them “beautiful strangers.”

Le Figaro describes Lipsi’s exotic islets, resembling confetti, as it notes, as possessing an otherworldly beauty that deeply enchants visitors, highlighting the unexplored, picturesque “corners” of the  eastern Aegean.

Fotis Mangos, the mayor of the island municipality, is quoted as saying that “…our priority, alongside preserving natural beauty, is protecting the environment and creating quality living conditions for both residents and tourists. Through various initiatives, we have made Lipsi a model of water sufficiency, despite nationwide drought conditions.”

Notably, a remote monitoring and control water supply system has been installed to detect leaks, to monitor energy performance and record consumption. An eight-km extension of the water supply network will soon begin, ensuring every household has water and that island achieves 100% autonomy with potable water.

The initiatives by the municipality of Lipsi have led to a double-digit reduction in water consumption and waste, alongside increased production. “The destination’s quality at every level has extended the tourist season and boosted arrivals this June compared to 2023,” he adds.

Alongside environmental infrastructure projects, the municipality is also making innovations in tourism promotion, such as a music video that blends traditional island music with rap, filmed on Lipsi, which has already garnered over 230,000 views.