Greece was awarded the title of the Best Tourist Destination for 2024 in Norway at the annual “Grand Travel Awards” (GTA) ceremony held last month in Oslo, maintaining its prestigious title from the previous year.

Simultaneously, the Hellenic Tourism Organization’s (EOT/GNTO) Scandinavian branch received acclaim as the Best Foreign Tourist Office for 2023, marking the second consecutive year it has achieved this distinction. Konstantinos Danassis, the chargé d’affaires of the Greek embassy in Oslo and Maria Zeugoula from, the EOT Scandinavia accepted the awards on behalf of the country and the organization.

The Norwegian preference for Greece was further validated at the international tourism exhibition Reiselivsmessen/Travelxpo 2024, which took place last month at the Telenor Arena in Oslo, and hosted 166 exhibitors from around the world.

Greece, represented by the EOT with co-exhibitors from the Region of Crete-Chania and the Region of Central Macedonia, emerged as one of the top travel destinations for Norwegian travelers.

With approximately 10,000 attendees, visitors displayed a particular interest in Greece, especially in alternative tourism destinations that combine natural surroundings with access to the sea. The rich Greek gastronomy also emerged as a significant motivation for holidaymakers to choose Greece for their vacations.