One thing becomes immediately palpable when quickly scouring famous, and not-so-famous YouTube travel bloggers visiting Greece. Their absolute infatuation with Greek coffees, especially the “latest” -at least for the newly initiated- twists on the well-known espresso, Freddo and Cappuccino.

The latest Taste Atlas list confirms this passion with these two “addictive” coffee renditions as both the Espresso Freddo and Freddo Cappuccino were included in the site’s top 10 list, the former taking 3rd spot and the latter 4th, while the traditional Frappe comes in strong in 9th place.

Describing the Espresso Freddo, the global food/beverage ranking site explains it is a simple coffee combining espresso and ice, with this “Greek version primarily blending the two ingredients until the coffee is slightly chilled, smooth, and creamy”. The Espresso Freddo became popular in the 90s in Greece and has now become a go-to beverage for the locals and it seems to be catching on fast with the visitors too.

For the 4th best-rated coffee in the world, the site elaborates: “Freddo cappuccino is a chilled coffee variety that originates from Greece. It is made with espresso; usually a double shot, which is first blended with ice, strained, and then poured over ice. The drink is then topped with well-chilled milk that is shaken or blended until it achieves a light, frothy consistency.

The Taste Atlas list tallies real user experiences who vote to determine its rankings of foods and beverages. These lists are based on public ratings, using mechanisms that recognize real users, blocking bots, nationalistic, or patriotic reviews, and giving additional value to user reviews recognized by the system as knowledgeable.

The Café Cubano sits at the top of the list, which is an espresso traditionally brewed in a Moka pot. The traditional Italian cappuccino, on the other hand, ranks sixth, and espresso ristretto ranks eighth.