“Alexander: The Making of a God” emerges as the captivating title of Netflix’s latest dramatized documentary series, spanning six episodes. The narrative delves into the triumphant odyssey of Alexander the Great, tracing his conquests from the ancient Aigai of Macedonia to the Persian Empire.

The involvement of archaeologist Kalliopi Limneos Papakosta, leading the Greek excavation in Alexandria, adds a compelling layer from a historical standpoint. As the director of the Hellenic Institute of Alexandrian Studies, Papakosta has dedicated nearly three decades to unearthing the secrets of the ancient city and its legendary inhabitant, Alexander. With unwavering conviction, she maintains that the tomb of Alexander the Great rests in Alexandria, a city steeped in history since its founding in 331 BC.

In the documentary’s inaugural episode, Papakosta’s passion is palpable as she reflects on her excavation efforts. “Excavating in this significant city, I feel closer to my hero,” she remarks. “Because, in Alexandria, Alexander is alive. He is everywhere.” Her sentiments resonate as the excavation team unearths buried treasures, including a remarkable marble statue of Alexander himself. “It was like a miracle,” she adds, as the viewer witnesses the emotional moment of the statue’s revelation.

The Greek excavation yields a wealth of significant findings, shedding new light on the history and topography of Hellenistic and Roman Alexandria. This scholarly contribution enriches our understanding of the ancient world, offering invaluable insights into a bygone era.

For Papakosta, this collaboration marks her second venture with producer Lucy van Beek, following their exploration of the Greek excavation in “The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great” under the National Geographic banner. In “Alexander: The Making of a God,” their narrative journey traces the life of Alexander from the assassination of his father, Philip II, in Aigai to the epic battles against the Persians, up to the death of Darius in 330 BC.

With British production at the helm and the talented Buck Brathwaite portraying the legendary figure of Alexander the Great, this Netflix series promises to immerse viewers in a compelling retelling of history’s most enigmatic conqueror.