Prep Time 10′       Cooking Time 10′       Serves 20


  • 20 boiled whole chestnuts (you can buy them raw and boil them yourself or buy them pre-boiled)
  • 250g finely chopped chocolate
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 2 tbsp cognac


  1. The chestnuts should be boiled or roasted, cleaned whole, and cooled.
  2. Chop the chocolate finely and melt it in a bain-marie over low heat.
  3. Add the sunflower oil and stir. Add the cognac and mix.
  4. Keep the chocolate in the bain-marie over very low heat to keep it warm and melted.
  5. Dip each chestnut into the chocolate to coat it all around.
  6. Place the chocolate-covered chestnuts on parchment paper and let them dry completely to stabilize the chocolate.
  7. Store them tightly sealed in a cool place.


Source: Argiro Barbarigou