The Association of Greek Dairy Industries (SEVGAP) announced that on Tuesday, June 11, Greece secured a significant victory in Chile concerning the recognition of feta cheese. This win effectively thwarted the efforts of Chilean dairy producers, backed by foreign companies, to appropriate the name of Greek feta cheese.

The Intellectual Property Organization of Chile upheld SEVGAP’s objection and arguments against the trademark application that included the term “feta,” submitted by the American Consortium for Common Food Names (CCFN) regarding Greek Feta.

“This marks the second battle we’ve won against this American corporate giant, the first being in Singapore. We will not hesitate to continue this fight even within the United States itself!” stated the Greek association, underscoring the significant, challenging, and ongoing struggle for the global protection of feta cheese.

SEVGAP highlighted the necessity of engaging in numerous global battles against a persistent and ruthless adversary, often asymmetrical in nature.

The association emphasized their unwavering commitment to defending national heritage with increasing passion and conviction, regardless of the form their opponents take. SEVGAP reiterated their determination to confront any obstacles in their path.

Salty and slightly acidic, Feta is a cheese with a history as rich as its taste. A true product of its environment, its recipe and production method reflect the unique terrain of Greece and are grounded in the cumulative know-how of more than two millennia.