As part of efforts to ensure free access to Greece’s public beaches and to rein in illegal constructions and operations on coastlines, the Greek Finance Ministry has set fines reaching up to 60,000 euros for violations, OT reports.

Authorities have already launched inspections on beaches across the country as Greece prepares to welcome millions of tourists for the summer season.

Among others, citizens can report shoreline use violations using their smart phones and attaching evidence such as photos and real time location on a special app to be released in the coming days.

Shoreline use legislation was passed in Greek Parliament early last month spurring reactions among environmental groups.

Under the new rules, beach violations include constructions such as walls, planters, fences, and buildings as well as cars, motorcycles, other heavy wheeled vehicles, or awnings which block access to the beach and sea.

Additionally, those found discarding rubble, building materials or waste at public crossing points towards the sea will also be penalized.

Other offences include activities or events that obstruct the public’s direct access to the coastline as physical or verbal obstruction.

Fines for Greek beach access violations start from 2,000 euros and can reach 60,000 euros.

Economy and Finance Minister Kostis Hatzidakis said the law is aimed at better utilizing and protecting public coastlines and beach properties.