Greece’s justice ministry, as expected, on Thursday announced 14 proposals to stiffen penalties against perpetrators of domestic violence and to better protect victims.

The initiative comes amid continuing public debate and intense media scrutiny of several instances of particularly egregious cases of domestic violence over the recent period, including murders of spouses, girlfriends or ex companions.

The debate also touches on whether there’s an increase in domestic violence or whether such offenses are now more frequently reported to authorities, better covered by the press and widely circulated on ever-ubiquitous social media.

In announcing the proposed measures, Justice Minister George Floridis said the latter aim to reinforce the existing legislative framework. He also cited a more Draconian mandatory pre-trial incarceration for those accused of certain types of domestic violence, while pointing to a fast-track judicial process for such cases.

In addition, those found guilty of domestic violence offense will face actual prison time, without the prospect of a suspended sentence.

Another proposals is stricter restrictions and the incorporation of EU Law vis-à-vis the protection of victims of domestic abuse.