Fitch Solutions forecasts nearly 40 million annual tourists in Greece by 2028, driven by the country’s strategic focus on emerging markets like China and India.

This year, Greek tourism is poised for further growth, rebounding strongly from pre-pandemic levels, with arrivals projected to rise by 5.3% to 34.5 million in 2024, up from 32.7 million in 2023.

Already surpassing 2019 levels at 104.4%, according to Fitch Solutions, Greece hosted 31.3 million tourists in the last regular year before the pandemic.

Looking ahead, medium-term estimates predict 39.3 million arrivals by 2028, indicating a steady annual growth rate of 3.7%.

While European markets like Germany, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy remain key sources of visitors this year, Greece aims to attract tourists from promising markets such as China and India in the long run.

However, Fitch Solutions highlights concerns about overtourism, cautioning that it could strain Greece’s capacity to deliver quality services, potentially leading to neglect of popular destinations.