A report aired on Athens-based Mega Channel brought to light the terrible living conditions of horses hosted at an equine care center near Aigio located in the northern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Last year a high-profile case of animal cruelty involving the death of a Huskey dog had gripped Greek public opinion for months.

The deplorable conditions of the horses at the center, which also hosts at least 2-3 donkeys, were revealed after the death of one of the tree horses stabled at the facilities on Sunday.

According to a woman interviewed on Mega Channel, the female owner of the center was reportedly profiting from activities involving the animals that were forced to live in appalling conditions.

As was revealed in the footage aired during the reportage, the animals appear to be visibly malnourished, while the facilities are unsuitable for housing animals.

The exact number of animals hosted at the center is unknown due to the large size of the area, according to the TV report.

As Mega journalist Virginia Pisimisi reported the owner of the facilities had reportedly established a company in the past and was engaging in activities until at least 2022.

Social media posts advertised activities with a cost of 10 euros for a children’s creative program and 5 euros for using the horses for a ride around the facilities.

A similar incident of animal cruelty and negligence was recorded in 2021 in the same facilities, as the Vice President of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Equines told Mega TV’s current affairs morning show “Kinonia Ora Miden”.