The body of a 67-year-old German national was recovered on Monday by members of search-and-rescue unit in a remote part of the well-known Crete gorge of Tripiti – at the Sougias site – in western Crete

The man had been in contact with civil protection authorities until late Sunday evening, after he veered off a trail and became lost and disoriented.

The operation, which included 20 fire-fighters and emergency rescue members, took nearly 24 hours, with the body’s detection in the Crete gorge finally coming by air, via a drone.

An autopsy to determine the cause of death is pending.

The incident is the latest involving a string of foreign visitors – most near or above 60 years of age – disappearing and then fatally collapsing on Greek islands this summer. A mini heatwave hit the country last week, with high temperatures dangerously exacerbated when hiking along rugged and rocky surfaces.

Τhe most high-prolife case of a missing tourist turning up dead was BBC host Michael Mosley, whose body was found along a remote spot on Symi island earlier this month, during a boat search by the isle’s mayor and an accompanying camera crew from Greece’s national broadcaster (ERT).

A search meanwhile continues on the lesser known island of Sikinos for two missing French women, in their ’60s and ’70s.