The latest “best of…” list doing the round on the internet, this time for beaches, contains at least one location in Greece, and specifically on the volcanic Aegean isle of Milos, in the western Cyclades.

The easy-to-reach beach of Sarakiniko (from ‘Saracen’, meaning it was once a pirates’ cove) comes in fifth on the list put together by the well-known travel guide publisher Lonely Planet. The “easy-to-reach” part is important for Milos, where the iconic Venus de Milo statue was discovered, as many of its exotic beaches can only be reached by boat.

According to Lonely Planet, “You’ll need to bring all your own supplies for Sarakiniko, a set of sun-bleached volcanic rocks that dip into a small deep turquoise stretch of the Aegean. The arresting views and cooling waters make up for having to rough it, though. Centuries of wave-and-wind erosion made the rock formations at the beach dip and arch, creating caves to explore and alabaster cliffs to jump off.”